Novian: a leading Baltic IT company

Novian is a leading Baltic software development, IT infrastructure, managed IT services and digitization company with annual revenue of 40 million euros (in 2023). With offices in 6 countries and its HQ in Vilnius, it employs more than 250 people and has delivered projects in almost 50 countries.

Formed in 2016 and born from BAIP, which was an IT reseller, when INVL Technology acquired it in 2007, Novian has reinvented itself as a software and managed IT services company. Key steps have included the acquisitions of Acena in 2008, Algoritmu Sistemos in 2016, and Elsis PRO in 2021.

Novian expanded its geography to cover the Baltics with the acquisition of Andmevara in 2016, and made inroads into the Nordics and boosted its digitization offering by acquiring Zissor in 2019.

Key People

Legal Structure

Company & Business Structure

Novian companies operate across 4 lines of business: software, IT infrastructure, managed IT services and digitization.
*Payroll and related costs are not included in cost of sales. In calculating the gross profit figure, direct wage costs were not included in the cost of sales.

Revenue structure in 2023 by line of business

Gross profit by line of business (millions of euros)*

*Payroll and related costs are not included in cost of sales. In calculating the gross profit figure, direct wage costs were not included in the cost of sales.

Number of employees by line of business

Geography & Sectors

Historically Novian was a Baltic company operating in the B2G sector. Over the years it has diversified its business into the European Economic Area and the B2B sectors.

Revenue split by geography, millions of euros

Revenue split by sector, millions of euros

*Excluding finance and aeronautics.

Proprietary Software & Methodologies

Novian proprietary software includes:

Masis – Novian Systems’ municipal tax management software

Atris – Novian Systems’ waste management software

PRO.Risks – Novian Pro’s risk management software

SHIFT – Novian Pro’s ATCO rostering software

Galaxy – Novian Pro’s nanosatellite communication software

Zissor’s Media Monitoring software

Zissor’s Archive Digitization software

Zissor’s PDF-to-Article Conversion software

Novian proprietary methodologies include:

CIMF – Novian Technologies’ critical IT infrastructure and database maintenance methodology

MigrITIS – Novian Technologies’ IT infrastructure and IS migration methodology

Growth Targets for 2023-2028

Novian targets:
  • CAGR revenue growth of
  • share of gross profit for recurring SaaS and managed IT services of at least
Novian's strategic areas for company value growth:
  • Software business

    EBITDA CAGR growth of

  • Digitization

    EBITDA CAGR growth of

  • HPC and cloud computing

    Gross profit CAGR growth of

    on the back of governments’ digitalisation and environment protection projects

Financial Performance

Customer Base

Public sector
  • Ministry of Finance (LT)
  • Lithuanian State Data Agency (LT)
  • Center of Registers (LT)
  • Kyrgyz Post (KG)
Tax administration
  • State Tax Inspectorate (LT)
  • Burundian Revenue Authority (BI)
  • Rwanda Revenue Authority (RW)
  • 41 municipalities in Lithuania (LT)
  • West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (BF)
  • Ministry of Environment (LT)
  • 3 regional waste management centres (LT)
  • South African Development Community (SA)
Health and social care
  • National Health Insurance Fund (LT)
  • States Medicine Control Agency (LT)
  • National Bank of Rwanda (RW)
  • SEB (LT, LV, EE)
  • Swedbank (LT, LV, EE)
  • Nasdaq Baltic (LT)
  • Iki (LT)
  • Rimi (LT)
  • Norfa (LT)
  • Maxima (LT, EE)
  • LTG Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai (LT)
  • DPD (LT)
  • ADB Safegate (AT)
  • Eurocontrol (BE)
  • Oro Navigacija (LT)
  • European Space Agency (BE)
  • Cision (UK)
  • Alma Media (FI)

Notable Projects

Key Highlights

  • 1
    Software developer for the aerospace and defence industries – a supplier to the European Defence Agency, the European Space Agency, Eurocontrol and others.
  • 2
    At the forefront of the transition from monolithic to flexible IT solutions – containers and microservices.
  • 3
    One of the world's leading technology providers in media monitoring and library digitization.
  • 4
    Robust capabilities in high performance and cloud computing platforms for governments and environmental protection.
  • 5
    Management team with an exceptional track record and decades of experience in the industry.

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