NRD Companies Announces Management Changes to Solidify Position as Trusted Solutions Provider

NRD Companies announces structural changes and new appointments aimed at solidifying the group’s position as a trusted advisor and solutions provider in its target industries, strengthening its ability to better address customer needs and deliver strategic industry-specific IT solutions and services to markets worldwide.

Changes at NRD Companies

February 1st, 2023, Vilnius, Lithuania. NRD Companies, a leading provider of IT solutions and services, has announced several structural changes to solidify its position as a trusted advisor and solutions provider in its target industries. The objective of the changes is to strengthen the group’s ability to address customer needs better and deliver strategic industry-specific IT solutions and services to markets worldwide, while also simplifying and streamlining its management structure.

Effective February 1st, 2023, Arnoldas Jankunas, who has been acting as CEO of ETRONIKA has been appointed as the Chief Digital Solutions Officer of the NRD Companies group. This significant management change is aimed at better-aligning delivery processes and addressing customer needs as well as unifying the group’s offerings.

Arnoldas Jankunas will be responsible for streamlining and aligning company solution development and innovation processes at ETRONIKA and NRD Systems. “I am excited to take the leading role in facilitating digital solutions development and technology sharing across the group, aligning our offerings to better address customer needs and streamlining our delivery processes. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the transition to a solutions licensing model development as opposed to bespoke projects,” commented Arnoldas Jankunas.

Meanwhile, Andrius Kusas who has been acting as Delivery Manager at ETRONIKA, and Aurelijus Juozapavicius, who has been acting as Delivery Manager at NRD Systems have been appointed as the new CEOs of ETRONIKA and NRD Systems respectively, to help implement this strategy.

“ETRONIKA is a well-known FinTech and retail solutions provider while NRD Systems is recognized as the number one in the world based on the number of e-registries solutions implemented globally. NRD Systems also has a strong reputation in implementing tax management solutions. But our aim is not only to maintain our position as a leader in these industries, but also to push the boundaries and offer our clients the latest technologies and solutions to help them better respond to their customer needs. By consolidating the operations of ETRONIKA and NRD Systems and aligning our delivery processes, we will be able to share technical competences, knowledge, and resources across the group, resulting in improved offerings for our clients. We expect that this change will be well-received by our long-term customers, such as Luminor Bank, Šiaulių Bankas, Reitan Convenience Lithuania, Lithuania State Tax Inspectorate, Belize Financial Service Commission, Rwanda Development Board and many others. It will allow us to provide them with integrated, cutting-edge e-services delivery platforms, e-registers solutions, e-payment systems, and many other innovative solutions that will help them stay ahead of the competition” says Mindaugas Glodas, CEO of NRD Companies.

A new Competence Center which will start operating on February 1st and is comprised of subject matter experts in the represented domains will support the company’s goal of informing clients and partners on best practices in E-Registries, E-payments, E-Services delivery, Retail and Post offices digitalization.

About NRD Companies

NRD Companies is a global IT and consulting group of companies, specializing in governance and economic digital infrastructure development. Headquartered in Norway, the group unites companies operating in FinechT, GovTech, and practice-based consulting areas in aiding countries to reach UN sustainable development goals. NRD companies have a successful track record of implementing projects, such as e-service delivery platforms, national post digitalization, tax administration platforms, and other digital solutions, in all 5 continents. The Group is a recognized leader in the industry and is controlled by the INVL Technology UTIB. NRD Companies is a parent company for the following subsidiary corporations: Norway Registers Development AS, NRD Systems, NRD Rwanda, ETRONIKA, Infobank Uganda.



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