Novian digitization service companies get new managers

The Novian software and IT infrastructure services group is strengthening its digitization business. Artūras Milašauskas has assumed the leadership of Zissor, the Norway-based provider of media monitoring software and digitization services. He will also work as Innovation Manager of Novian Technologies. Ove Dirdal, who led Zissor, has retired.

In June, Asta Urmanavičienė, an experienced manager of IT projects, took on the role of CEO at Andmevara SRL, the Moldova-based provider of digitization services. She assumed the position from Aivaras Smirnovas, who became the Chairman of the Board at Andmevara SRL and also continues to work at Novian Technologies.

“The Novian group’s companies have unique technological potential in the region to carry out complex, large-scale digitization projects. That includes their ability to digitize documents in a variety of formats, transfer text and images, and create the needed metadata for further digital use. They can also provide more extensive data empowerment solutions,” says Gytis Umantas, the CEO of Novian Technologies and Chairman of the Board at Zissor.

He notes that Zissor comprises an important part of the group’s digitization expertise. “We value Ove Dirdal’s huge contribution to the creation of Zissor, which is now a global company providing needed media monitoring services and helping with the digitization of a range of publications. We believe the new CEO’s experience will give Zissor added impetus for expanding its digitization services not only in the Nordics and across Europe, but also in more distant markets,” Umantas notes.

Zissor’s new CEO, Artūras Milašauskas, has extensive experience in the field of IT, where he has focused on processes and technological solutions for digitalizing operations.

Umantas says the changes at Andmevara SRL should help the company grow faster, as Urmanavičienė is an experienced IT executive who has worked on complex IT projects.

Novian companies provide digitization services in Lithuania, Estonia, Norway and Moldova and other countries.  They are involved in the digitization of archives, publications and libraries. The group’s technical capabilities grew with the launch of a Novian digitization centre in Tallinn, Estonia, last year. The centre is equipped with five types of scanners capable of scanning everything from A4 documents to large, complex old newspapers and maps.

Information that is digital-ready enables processes of analysis and optimization to improve organizations’ performance. Accessing such information is much faster, as is using it, analysing it, and integrating it into other systems. That speeds up organisational processes and reduces costs related to the use of paper archives.

The companies that make up the Novian group operate in the areas of IT infrastructure, programming, and digitization services. Digitization services are provided by Novian Technologies in Lithuania, Novian Eesti in Estonia, Andmevara SRL in Moldova, and Zissor in Norway.

The Novian group had aggregated revenue of EUR 33 million in 2022, which is 27.9% more than the previous year. The group’s EBITDA for the year was EUR 1.5 million and compared to 2021 contracted 11.8%. There was an operating profit of EUR 0.5 million, which is 39.9% less than the year before.

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