The terms of merger of INVL Technology and BAIP grupe will be proposed for an approval on February 2th

The terms of merger of INVL Technology, a company investing into IT businesses, and BAIP grupe, a company managed by INVL Technology, will be proposed for an approval in the General Shareholders Meetings of INVL Technology and BAIP grupe held on 2 February 2015.


According to the terms of reorganization, INVL Technology will be merged to BAIP grupe and will operate in the market by the name of INVL Technology. The company will be quoted on NASDAQ Vilnius Stock Exchange. It is foreseen that the merger will be completed in the beginning of February; the trading in shares of the company will be stopped two days before the shareholders’ meeting.


“After the merger INVL Technology seeks to apply for an closed-end investment company licence. INVL Technology would become similar to investment fund .INVL Technology will aim to raise not less than EUR 10 million. Fresh capital will be invested in other technology companies,” – Kazmieras Tonkunas, the general manager of BAIP grupe, said.


Shareholders of INVL Technology will receive 6.7856 shares in BAIP grupe for the each owned share in present INVL Technology. After the merger shareholders of INVL Technology will own 65.78 percent, while the minor shareholders of BAIP Group will own 34.22 percent in shares of the joint company operating after the merger. The authorised capital of the company operating after the merger will be divided into 6 114 714 shares, whereas capitalisation, according to the current market value, will reach EUR 9 million.


The largest investments of INVL Technology after the merger will be 100 percent of BAIP, a critical infrastucture company, Norway Registers Development operating in Norway, and the specialized cyber security company NRD CS.

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