NRD CS will provide cybersecurity services to specialized organizations

Since the beginning of this year BAIP group has spun-off its cyber defence services into an independent, specialized cyber security company NRD CS, managed by Dr. Vilius Benetis. The company is also a cyber security centre of excellence for Norway Registers Development AS, BAIP and Norway Registers Development East Africa Ltd.

As a separate company NRD CS was launched in January 2014, however, the roots of the company go back to 2008 when Baltic Amadeus Infrastructure Services (now – BAIP) started developing cyber security discipline. In 2011 regular commercial activities began and since the mid-2012 Dr. Vilius Benetis has been leading this practice. He established connections with technology partners and formed an international team of professionals. Since the beginning of this year, NRD CS, led by Dr. Benetis, has been operating as an independent, specialized cyber security company.

„In cyberspace, where national boundaries are irrelevant, everyone – consumers, vendors, service providers, governments, international organizations – are inevitably connected and dependent on each other. This environment not only helps to unleash the potential of information technology and contributes to global progress but is also very favourable for digital criminals, who, taking advantage of the weakest link, act globally. Therefore, being alone and defending oneself separately is simply no longer possible”, said Dr. Benetis. “Our team collaborates with technology and consultation partners, international non-governmental organizations. In this way we help our clients to see a wider context of the attacks and defend themselves more effectively”, commented the CEO of NRD CS.

NRD CS designs and implements early warning systems and modern e-crime and fraud management platforms (central IT forensics labs, digital surveillance), consults and develops cyber security capabilities of specialized organisations, provides incident response services. Company’s main clients are specialized service providers: the courts, the police, national communication regulators and corporate information security departments in Europe, East and Central Africa, and Southeast Asia.

In addition to specialized services, the company also provides cyber security consulting, intrusion prevention services, performs security audits, compliance and risk assessments, designs and implements technologies for information system security and provides training for corporate information security departments.

“Even though the company is still young, the team is experienced, capable to adapt and deploy complex solutions. Certified professionals, that our customers in Lithuania and abroad are already familiar with, have accumulated between 5 and 15 years of experience in IT project management, IT audit and IT consulting. In addition, we are developing our own cyber defence system, team members belong to Cyber security incident response working groups in Lithuania and Tanzania”, said Dr. Benetis.

The team works with CERTs, international organizations (ISACA, Council on CyberSecurity) and since 2008, it has been an active member in developing Lithuanian national cyber security strategy. At the moment, the team is assisting in the implementation of the Electronic Information Security Development 2011-2019 program. In addition, it organises annual cyber security conferences in Lithuania and East Africa, and cooperates with universities. Together with an international Information Systems Audit and Control Association ISACA Tanzania Chapter, the team is developing a consultative Tanzanian Cyber Security Framework.

Team’s specialists are also authors and subject matter expert reviewers of international academic publications, such as “Transforming Cybersecurity: Using COBIT® 5“, “Responding to targeted Cyber attacks”, “Advanced Persistent Threats: How to manage risk to your business”, COBIT localisation. The team also prepared a Methodology and model for identification and evaluation of Lithuanian Internet infrastructure‘s critical elements and their monitoring for the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania.

NRD CS is a part of BAIP group – a group of specialized IT companies working in the field of business climate improvement reforms, integrated national information system’ design, critical IT infrastructure’s resilience, national cyber security and cyber defence. The group manages: BAIP, “Acena”, “NRD”, Norway Registers Development AS, Norway Registers East Africa Limited, NRD CS. BAIP group operates and implements projects in the Central and Eastern Europe, East Africa and other regions.

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