NRD Companies Encourages Leaders To Recharge

The Christmas and New Year season is behind us but NRD Companies, a global IT and consulting group of companies, specializing in governance and economic digital infrastructure development, had a little surprise up its sleeve.

As a company with the principles of sustainability high on its internal and external agendas, a decision was made to extend the company’s gratitude and appreciation to its clients, partners and friends by forgoing traditional gifts and offering a soothing timeout, an opportunity to relax and recharge the brain and soul.

NRD Companies’ decision to offer a unique, inspiring and motivational event was a relatively quirky one in the world of technology. Featuring Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle, one of the world’s most significant and respected business thinkers and speakers, the virtual event held on January 18, 2023, highlighted the fact that beyond the obvious technical definition of the word “Recharge”, it also stands for the return to a normal state of mind after a period of exertion. A time to rest and relax in order to regain energy and strength. And boy, don’t we all need it?

The last couple of years have been filled with uncertainty and disruption, both of which have become the new normal. The global pandemic and regional armed conflicts have brought with them economic instability, an energy crisis, high inflation, and even extreme poverty and hunger. Change is needed now more than ever for businesses to stay competitive and for public service institutions to offer the level of service their constituents deserve and expect.

In the book, “Re-energizing The Corporation”, Dr. Ridderstråle and co-author Mark Wilcox aimed to unsettle organizations out of their all too common lethargy and help those leaders who know they need to change, to become the movers and shakers of their industries by re-energizing themselves and their teams.

From an organizational perspective, Dr. Ridderstråle suggests that organizations that are considering Change Management (a systematic approach to dealing with the transition or transformation of an organization’s goals, processes or technologies), should not lose track of external events such as the ones the world has been facing. He also asserts that institutions and corporations are abandoning centralized structures based on the principle of concentrated knowledge. Digitization changes the new landscape by spreading knowledge, opening up friction-free commerce, blurring borders and removing traditional siloed structures. Dr. Ridderstråle also highlighted the importance of gender equality in business and government and the importance of diverse management teams.

From a management perspective, he advocates that leadership is built on the groundbreaking 3E model – Envisioning, Engaging and Executing. By understanding and following the model, it is possible to create a compelling picture of the future of an organization; build a following of individuals committed to turning the vision into reality; and maximize team performance to deliver on your dream. The combined impact of digitization and globalization are immense, something no single individual or organization can keep up with. This will force management to build a networked and agile organization with the capacity to self-organize.

“We were delighted and honored in the presence of Dr. Ridderstråle. With confidence and humor he offered long lasting and impactful tools to build a fast-paced organization in an agile age where uncertainty provides opportunities for growth. He encouraged organizational leaders to embrace change, adaptation, proactiveness, equality, and relevancy.

All this while offering a real opportunity to sit back, relax (even for a short time), exchange ideas, and most importantly, Recharge!” concluded Mindaugas Glodas, CEO of NRD Companies.

About NRD Companies

NRD Companies is a global IT and consulting group of companies, specializing in governance and economic digital infrastructure development. Headquartered in Norway, the group unites companies operating in Fintech, GovTech, and practice-based consulting areas in aiding countries to reach UN sustainable development goals. NRD companies have a successful track record of implementing projects, such as e-service delivery platforms, national post-digitalization, tax administration platforms, and other digital solutions, in all 5 continents. The Group is a recognized leader in the industry and is controlled by the INVL Technology UTIB. NRD Companies is a parent company for the following subsidiary corporations: Norway Registers Development AS, NRD Systems, NRD Rwanda, ETRONIKA, Infobank Uganda. More information:


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