NRD AS and UTAMU prepared the first joint research paper – insights on the relevance of World Bank Doing Business Reports and Recommendations for Improvement

Since its launch, Doing Business report has undoubtedly became an important measure with economic and political consequences. On the economic side, Doing Business report has become one of the important indicators for companies choosing countries to invest. On the political side, this has become an index on which countries compete, and against which success of governments is measured.

Growing importance of Doing Business index has also attracted criticism. Doing Business reports try to measure very complex reality with some simplified tools. This reflection of reality is far from ideal and it definitely needs constant improvement but despite of that it was found that some of the criticism towards the Doing Business reports is ungrounded.

As Doing Business team puts constant effort to review and improve the Report, UTAMU and NRD AS analyzed their experience and put reflections together on how important Doing Business report is for initiating and sustaining reforms. The impact of Doing Business is without a doubt positive.

In addition, they present some recommendations on specific improvements and directions on how Doing Business could be further improved. The parties suggest that:

  •  Clearer attribution of the reforms would serve the political cycle better;
  •  Limiting competition through ranking of indicators could encourage engagement in less visible but more important reforms;
  •  Introduction of Delivery of Regulation index could provide a more comprehensive view of practical burden on businesses.

Follow the link to open the NRD UTAMU insights on WB Doing Business report.

The parties would love to hear your comments and ideas: [email protected].

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