News from INVL Technology managed companies: “Andmevara Services” becomes “Novian Eesti” with a focus on integrated IT services and digitization

Effective 7 June, the Estonian IT company Andmevara Services OÜ has changed its name to Novian Eesti OÜ. Acting under the name of the Novian international software development and IT infrastructure services group, the company continues to provide IT infrastructure and digitization services and also represents the group’s other IT services and solutions. At the same time, a website presenting the group’s services has launched at

“This step further consolidates the Novian group’s presence in Estonia. In an environment of rapid change, we seek to create value for organizations by making use of modern IT services and solutions, and as needed, by integrating IT infrastructure, software development and digitization services,” said Evaldas Rėkus, the CEO of the Novian group.

The strength of the Novian group, he said, is not just the range and integration of its services, but also its experience in bringing new and classic technologies together.

“One area that is becoming ever more relevant is data empowerment, where the Novian group in Estonia has built up immense experience,” the group’s CEO said. With business process digitalization now surging, he noted, the digitization of documents and the preparation and empowerment of metainformation using analytics and artificial intelligence solutions is becoming vitally important.

Gytis Umantas, the CEO of Novian Eesti OÜ, said that having changed its name, the company will continue to maintain its core business focus on technology, IT infrastructure and digitization projects, and the provision of continuous managed and maintenance services.

“Novian has unique potential in the region to carry out complex, large-scale digitization projects, adapting digitized material for further use. That is possible thanks both to the software we have developed and the experience we have acquired – the group’s companies are conducting major document digitization projects at the National Archives of Estonia, the Cadastral Archive of Moldova and other archives,” Umantas noted.

He said the group and the company see big future prospects in digitization, as high-quality and rapid processing of large amounts of documents is relevant for academia, the public sector and publishing as well as the archive sector.

Andmevara Services OÜ, which has now become Novian Eesti OÜ, emerged from the company Andmevara, which was established in 1997. Its origins go back to 1970, when the company’s predecessor, the Estonian state organization Riigiarvutuskeskus, began its work. Andmevara joined the INVL Technology group, of which Novian is a part, in 2016.

Novian Eesti OÜ is part of the Novian group, which includes companies that operate in the Baltic countries as well as Norway and Moldova, in the areas of software services, technologies and digitization. The group’s companies also offer integrated solutions and services in those IT areas. From 2016 to 2021, Novian companies worked on and deployed projects in more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

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