INVL Technology new business model introduction

After reorganisation, INVL Technology, AB is a company, investing in information and communication technologies, listed on Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange. In 2015, company intends to apply to the Bank of Lithuania for closed-end investment company license and place a new EUR 21.66 million share issue.


We would like to invite you to watch this short video presentation (, where it is briefly explained how INVL Technology, AB differs from similar companies because of its unique business model that includes:

  • Joint venture of proven track record IT industry managers and leading Baltic private equity group Invalda INVL,
  • a cluster of B2B and B2G oriented IT businesses with a private equity-like investment approach, and
  • increasing the value of the portfolio companies by leveraging own sales channels in East Africa and Southeast Asia.

IMPORTANT:  This information is an informative marketing material, it is not and cannot be treated as a proposal (an offer), investment advice or an investment research. Growth projection shown in the video is theoretical and its purpose is to explain the business model. It is not binding and it can change. INVL Technology does not represent or warrant that the information is complete, accurate, fair and not misleading. The company does not accept responsibility for the cost of direct and indirect losses caused by using only this information.


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Bank Finasta, AB was appointed to be the lead placement agent and is authorized to provide all necessary information about expected INVL Technology corporate changes and new equity offering. For further information please contact: [email protected].

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