INVL Technology announcement on planned transactions of the managers of the company

On 4 January 2021 INVL Technology (hereinafter – “the Issuer”) received a notification from Invalda INVL AB (hereinafter – “Invalda INVL“) by which the Issuer was informed about the plans of Invalda INVL for the 2021 year to conclude transactions regarding the Issuer's shares, following the guidelines for the trading in the Issuer's shares approved by the Board of Invalda INVL, which specify the main conditions for concluding transactions.

Invalda INVL is considered as a person closely related to the Issuer and under certain conditions, Invalda INVL can conclude purchase and sale transactions in the Issuer's shares on the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange (hereinafter – “Nasdaq”).

According to the received notification, in 2021 Invalda INVL plans to buy the Issuer's shares when their price on Nasdaq is lower than the last published net asset value of the Issuer, and to sell them when it is higher. The above transactions will be concluded until the trade limit of EUR 200 000 is reached in the 2021 year.

During the prohibited trading periods, Invalda INVL will not enter into transactions with the Issuer's shares. Trading will also not take place during the period when the redemption of the Issuer's own shares takes place on the basis provided by legal acts. Invalda INVL may suspend the conclusion of such transactions at any time, as well as, in compliance with the requirements of legal acts, acquire the Issuer's shares not following the above-mentioned principles.
The person authorized to provide additional information:
Head of the private equity unit
Vytautas Plunksnis
E-mail [email protected]

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