INVL Technology AB notification on the final offer price, final number of allocated shares and allocation thereof

On 7 July 2015 the Board of INVL Technology AB (the “Company”), referring to the resolutions of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the Company held on 10 April 2015 regarding increase of the authorised capital by additional contributions of the persons, subscribing the shares (the “Resolutions”), also taking into account the recommendation of AB bank “FINASTA”, which is the lead manager of the offering of newly issued shares of the Company, inter alia decided:

1) to determine that the final offer (issue) price of the ordinary registered shares of the Company, to be issued following implementation of the Resolutions, shall be equal to EUR 1.65 (the “Offer Price”) for one new share to be issued (the “New Shares”), which is equal to the current shareholders, as well as to retail and institutional investors;

2) to determine that the final number of the New Shares of the Company to be issued in fulfilment of the Resolutions is 6 060 607;

3) to allocate the New Shares for the Offer Price, indicated above, as follows: (i) 2 735 489 units shall be allocated to the existing shareholders of the Company, being the shareholders at the close of 26 June 2015, (ii) 2 395 114 units shall be allocated to the retail investors and (iii) 930 004 units shall be allocated to the institutional investors.

The Company also informs that one of the major shareholders of the Company Invalda INVL AB, having subscribed for the New Shares 850 000 units have paid thereof by offsetting against the opposite homogeneous demands against the Company, arising from the loan agreements, concluded with the Company (in an amount of EUR 1 402 500).

         Kazimieras Tonkūnas
         email [email protected]

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