BAIP will offer world-class artificial intelligence capabilities in the Baltic States

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP has added supercomputing and artificial intelligence competencies to its portfolio. As a Preferred Partner of the NVIDIA Partner Program (NPN), BAIP is now able to offer regional business, science and state institutions in the Baltic states access to cutting-edge AI and high performance computing technology.

BAIP’s customers in the Baltics will be the first in the region to receive the latest know-how, technical and software support.

"We have acquired the status of the NVIDIA Preferred Partner, granting us extensive supercomputing and artificial intelligence competencies. This means that we will provide high-speed parallel computing services for business and science in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. NVIDIA’s software and technical solutions to will open up new possibilities for prompt calculation of the most complex tasks", says Gytis Umantas, CEO of BAIP.

According to Umantas, NVIDIA’s graphics processing unit (GPU) platform is critical for accelerating complex computing challenges, such as big data analytics, cybersecurity, deep neural networks and more. It also provides extensive support for the most important applications and frameworks required by academic and research institutions.

In the Baltic region, these NVIDIA capabilities are particularly important for rapidly expanding sectors such as financial services and energy.

"Companies in our region which specialize in Blockchain, trading in stock and currency markets, and energy production are experiencing a boom," explains Umantas. “All these industries can gain a huge competitive advantage by applying artificial intelligence, but to do so they require the right level of compute capability. That’s where BAIP and NVIDIA can help".

"AI and high performance computing are no longer restricted to a handful of global companies and research organisations – these tools are accessible to every business and organisation. That’s because NVIDIA’s end-to-end accelerated computing platform offers solutions to fit every level of requirement and use-case,” concludes Umantas. “BAIP is bringing these vital capabilities to our customers in the Baltic states, with the aim of supporting their growth and success on the world stage."

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