BAIP upgraded IT infrastructure at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

BAIP has won the tender announced by Zimbabwe Ministry of Finance & Economic Development and upgraded IT infrastructure at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The project was financed by the African Development Bank and the value of the contract stands at 735 thousand USD. 

BAIP took part in the Governance and Institutional Strengthening Project (GISP) and provided a solution for the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe that needed to upgrade its backup data centres. The company designed and renewed the infrastructure in Harrare, Masa and Bullawayo. New hardware will ensure business continuity and data availability in case of an accident as well as enable centralized server management and virtualization. 

BAIP had to meet high business continuity and security standards as the hardware has to ensure fast data recovery and provide flexible opportunities for the expansion of the backup data centres.

In addition, representatives of Zimbabwe Reserve Bank have visited Lithuania and, during individual sessions with BAIP professionals, exchanged knowledge and experience in critical IT infrastructure solutions for the financial sector.

Lithuanian enterprise competed for the contract with companies from USA, Italy, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

BAIP provides IT infrastructure solutions for other financial institutions as well. Its clients include Lithuanian commercial banks, Central banks of Lithuania and Burundi, and electronic registry of Mauritius.


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