BAIP migrated Mokilizingas data to virtual servers in 12 hours

Critical IT infrastructure services company BAIP successfully migrated Mokilizingas data from centralized data centre to virtual servers. Complex migration took only 12 hours.

The need to separate IT infrastructure of financial services company Mokilizingas arose when it was acquired by new owners. Until then, credit operations and leasing services were supported at the centralised data centre. After the acquisition, the company had to migrate its data without moving the physical servers, so it decided to use a cloud computing solution. BAIP installed Linux operating systems, renewed database management applications and migrated the data from physical to virtual machines.

“This project was an interesting challenge for us. Our client had a specific request – separation of IT infrastructure and data migration had to be carried out within a specific timeframe – from 10 pm to 10 am. This is the gap when 3 thousand retail outlets are not using Mokilizingas services. We have been preparing for this very thoroughly, performed several functional tests and fulfilled this requirement”, – says Mr Gytis Umantas, CEO at BAIP.

BAIP has already implemented a number of projects in financial sector. Company’s clients include SEB bank, insurance company Lietuvos Draudimas, the Central Bank of Lithuania and Burundi Central Bank.

Mokilizingas is one of the leading consumer credit companies in Lithuania. It occupies more than one third of leasing services market and also provides credit services. The company has more than 800 thousand clients in Lithuania and signs more than 100 million LT worth of new contracts per year. Mokilizingas services are provided by more than 2000 partners across Lithuania.

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