BAIP group: Norwegian company NRD AS and its local branch in East Africa will participate in Fredskorpset Norway programme and exchange employees

Norway Registers Development AS (NRD AS), a management consulting company, and its local Tanzanian branch Norway Registers Development East Africa Ltd (NRD EA) will participate in Fredskorpset Norway (FK) financed young employee Exchange Program. During 21 month period a total of 17 young professionals from Tanzania and Europe will intern at NRD and NRD EA respectively. The project is divided into three rounds and the first round of exchange will take place from the 11th of August, 2014 to the 10th of March, 2015.

As a result of this programme, up to 20 new IT jobs in East Africa will be created, NRD AS operations in East Africa will receive local support and NRD EA services will become available in Europe. Exchange partners will work together in order to reinforce communication and cooperation between the two participating parties and other BAIP group companies and develop a cluster of new IT services to their customers. In addition, they will seek to increase collaboration and experience exchange between the three countries that the companies operate in (Norway, Lithuania and Tanzania).

“NRD EA team members will take over the knowledge, skills, methodologies and standards necessary to provide on-site critical IT infrastructure maintenance services 24×7, increase their capacity to offer cyber security consultations and services and expand their current portfolio of technology partners. As a consequence, they will become capable of providing the much needed local support to NRD AS projects in East Africa”, said Mr Rimantas Žylius, NRD AS managing director.

“Some of the services that we will adopt include information system development and IT infrastructure architecture, system migration services and an IT service management solution, implemented according to ITIL methodology and ISO20000 standard – Service (Help) Desk. Service Desk will also be customized to support Swahili language, making it specifically local”, added Mr Sebastian Marondo, CEO of NRD EA.

“We recognize that clients in the East African region are rising to the next technological level, thus demanding from their technology partners the highest quality solutions which were not readily available in the region. Recently signed contract with the Central Bank of Burundi for high availability data center modernisation and maintenance is one of the examples”, commented Mr Žylius.

Exchange participants will get a chance to experience both the professional and cultural environment of the host company, get involved in the activities of local ICT NGOs like ISACA Tanzania Chapter and get a boost in intercultural knowledge. Cultural trips, language courses and social gatherings will be arranged in order to ensure that the incoming participants grasp the local mentality, culture, history and traditions.

By participating in the programme, both companies, employees, partners, board members and other associated parties are also reaffirming their commitment to the basic values and principles, advocated by Fredskorpset Norway, which stands for “Peace Corps” in Norwegian: respect for human dignity, cultural sensitivity, security aspects, environmental considerations, corruption, confidence and good will.

About Norway Registers Development AS
Norway Registers Development AS (NRD) has been established in 1995 and has been specializing in helping governments and institutions in all continents to build vital economy facilitating infrastructure and achieving relevant, measurable results. Norway Registers Development AS implements projects that are financed by the World Bank, the United Nations, Norwegian government organisations and other international donors.

Norway Registers Development provides solutions and tested know how for expansion of tax payers base and motivations to pay taxes. NRD AS focuses in the areas of Business registration, licensing and reforming of Business inspections, modernization of Public procurement, modernization of Tax collection with eFilling, to name a few. NRD also works on creating a secure digital environment for states, governments, corporations and citizens in East Africa and South East Asia, among other regions.

About Norway Registers Development East Africa Limited
Norway Registers Development East Africa Limited (NRD EA) is a local branch of NRD. NRD EA provides on-site delivery of NRD services, supports Tanzanian companies in the delivery of information security technologies as a value added distributor and assists other organisations investing in East Africa in the creation, development, maintenance and security of their information technology infrastructure. Together with NRD CS is responsible for cyber defence strategy design and implementation services for Government and corporate institutions.

About FK Norway
FK Norway is a part of Norwegian national developmental policy. FK Norway was established in 1963 to send people from Norway, and was reorganised in 2000 to do mutual exchange. Since 1963 almost 8000 FK Norway’s participants have taken part in exchange between Norway and countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. FK Norway gives young people in Norway and developing countries the opportunity to experience each other’s reality by facilitating mutual learning and development of institutions and local communities.

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