BAIP deployed a printing solution using hardware mentioned in the Guinness World Records at the retail chain IKI

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP developed a printing service technology which will simplify the essential daily automated printing process and ensure business continuity throughout the year for the company Palink that manages the retail chain IKI. Palink trusted BAIP with long-term management and maintenance services contract.


Fully managed printing service was implemented at Palink, UAB. The service is comprised of the most suitable equipment and consumables selection, supply and installation, and full responsibility for continuous process implementation. The solution, developed with the latest generation inkjet colour HP printers ensures printing speed of 70 copies per minute and extremely low price per print. The technical parameters of HP printers were tested, validated and adjudicated live by Guinness World Records.


“The decision of Palink to transfer their critically important automated process to be managed and maintained by BAIP reflects todays’ market needs, when more and more companies and organisations outsource their printing services”, – said Gytis Umantas, the CEO of BAIP.


“Fully managed printing service provides many benefits: printing service can be individually integrated into the clients’ existing process, it gives assurance and security that important, critical and automated process will be uninterrupted and smooth while BAIP specialists take care of equipment maintenance, repair and consumables supply in accordance to remotely in advance received reports on the status of client’s devices on site”, – described Mr. Umantas.


New technology solution also ensures that responsible employees get the necessary colour prints daily on the pre-set time and IT unit has the possibility to analyse, forecast and plan printing costs. BAIP took over the responsibility to maintain and ensure the working capacity of all printing devices, supply consumables and printing ink, and maintain a reserve of spare parts.


About fully managed services:

  • Experience: fully managed printing service, helping organisations to optimise their operating costs, in Lithuania was launched by BAIP, UAB in 2008.
  • Clients: in recent years, more and more organisations entrust and outsource their managed printing services to IT companies. Service is especially popular among corporations that need to have large amounts of colour prints (labels, pricelists, and other daily changing information) printed on pre-set time. This is also applicable to organisations that need centralised and safe document printing from any device in the organisation with authorised individual access. This service is also relevant to international corporations implementing sustainability principles as latest generation colour inkjet printers are particularly highly evaluated for their good technological characteristics and rarely break.
  • Advantages and benefits: The service helps solving technical, financial and other problems associated with complex and expensive management and control of multi-copy printing, planning and ordering supplies, as well as periodic equipment maintenance. The solution also allows companies to contribute to saving natural resources and to promote eco-friendly policies, as new devices consume almost 82 percent less energy than the previous ones.


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