Acena has been merged into Novian Systems

The Novian IT infrastructure and software services group has strengthened its information systems development company Novian Systems. Having merged Acena, a provider of business analytics and process automation solutions, into itself, Novian Systems offers a broader range of software services. Within the group, software services are also provided by the Estonian company Andmevara AS.

“This internal merger of businesses is a natural continuation of the process of applying an integrated approach to Novian’s IT solutions. In early December, when the group’s main companies began to operate under the Novian name, we announced the aim of strengthening our positions internationally and increasing value for clients by offering integrated services. Merging Acena enables a greater concentration of software services in one company, meaning shorter service delivery time and more efficient project management,” said Novian CEO Evaldas Rėkus.

Novian Systems CEO Elena Vengrienė also agrees that combining competencies is becoming ever more relevant amid digital transformation. “In the current context of digitalisation, the experience that Acena has built up over 13 years in business analytics and process automation solutions and the services it offers are extremely relevant, and including them in the overall package of software services will make it possible to ‘employ them’ even more effectively. We believe that by putting this knowledge and expertise together and expanding the range of directly accessible software services, we’ll be able to create and deliver solutions clients need more effectively,” she said.

She noted that Acena’s existing clients will continue to be cared for by the very same employees. Marius Leščinskas, who served as CEO at Acena until now, has decided to leave the company following the merger. “We thank Marius for his work developing Acena’s activities. Our goal is not just to continue Acena’s ongoing projects as smoothly as possible but also to contribute even more to the growth of clients’ business, offering them as well a broader range of software services, process robotisation options, and integrated IT solutions,” Elena Vengrienė said.

The Novian group has consolidated its software businesses over the last several years. Novian Systems acquired Acena, established in 2007, from Novian Technologies (BAIP at the time) in an internal transaction in February 2020. In 2019, in a restructuring of the Novian group, Novian Systems acquired Estonia-based Andmevara AS from INVL Technology.

Amid acceleration of digital transformation, in December 2020 the Novian group announced a goal of strengthening its positions internationally and increasing value for clients by offering integrated services. Towards that aim, Novian’s main companies changed their names and as of 8 December began to operate as “Novian Technologies” and “Novian Systems” (until then Algoritmų Sistemos). A new website of the Novian group was also launched at

The Novian group currently includes 6 companies which are owned by the company Novian. Working in the software services area are Novian Systems in Lithuania and Andmevara AS in Estonia. Working in the technologies area are Novian Technologies in Lithuania as well as Andmevara Services OU of Estonia and its subsidiary Andmevara SRL in Moldova. The Norwegian company Zissor is a well-known provider of software for media monitoring and for the segmentation and digitisation of printed and scanned documents.

The Novian group’s companies in the Baltic countries, Norway and Moldova employ about 180 professionals. Altogether, Novian companies obtained revenue from 30 of the world’s countries in the first three quarters of 2020. The Novian group of businesses is owned by INVL Technology, a company that invests in IT businesses.

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