Information about shares issued by INVL Technology and votes granted (6th of January, 2022)

INVL Technology (the “Company”) has finished signing Option Agreements with employees of its subsidiaries, who acquired a right to obtain shares of the Company. Some of the employees of the Company’s subsidiaries immediately exercised their acquired right to obtain shares in the Company and submitted a request for the transfer to them of the corresponding shares of the Company. The Company is transferring own shares it holds to the employees with the cost of the transferred shares being reimbursed by the subsidiaries whose employees receive the shares. On 6 January 2022, 210 shares of the Company were transferred and the Company hereby publishes details of its issued shares as at 6 January 2022:

Type of shares Number of shares and total voting rights granted by the issued shares, units Number of votes for the quorum of the General Shareholders Meeting, units* Nominal value, EUR Total nominal
Value and authorised capital, EUR
Portion of the authorised capital, %
Ordinary registered shares 12,175,321 12,067,845 0.29 3,530,843.09 100

*According to the Law on Securities of the Republic of Lithuania, the shares owned by the Company are not considered to be deducted from the total number of shares granted with voting right of the issuer and are not counted into the quorum of the General Shareholders Meeting of the Company.

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INVL Technology Managing Partner
Kazimieras Tonkūnas
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